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Still Water
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"Still Water" is a metaphor for the sane place that lies deep near the center of our lives. Frequent visits to this place make us less desperate, more flexible, more like water. At times, this place may surely seem not to exist. But it does; our surface is just too turbulent.

Heart Like Water offers some resources that you might find useful for accessing the "still water" that resides in your heart or mind.

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Primarily, Heart Like Water is a group of fifty-two Reflections, one for each week, where we examine a behavior to see if new possibilities open up. They're weekly because daily meditations rarely have time to sink in – they're just passing thoughts. But like athletes, most of us need repetitive practice to master a new move.
Heart Like Water gathers some tools for those times when we keep falling into the same potholes, but begin to doubt whether we can blame it on the street or on the fog. When people sense that the fog is actually behind their eyes, they may call it "Waking Up." Same as "Getting Unstuck".

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